Xinjiancheap disposable wristbandsg border security helps keep the peace

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Enhancing border facilities and control in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plays an important role in achieving the region"s top priority set by the central government — maintaining social stability and long-term peace, China"s defense chief said.

State Councilor and Defense Minster Chang Wanquan asked local authorities to be stricter in border control and step up exit and entry administrations, as well as adopt prevention measures and create a stronger deterrent effect. The goal is to form "nets above and snares below" to ensure border security, according to a statement released by the ministry Monday.

Chang made the remarks after inspecting front-line border posts, checkpoints and ports of entry in the region and being briefed about the border control mechanism, infrastructure construction and how the People"s Liberation Army, police and local people work together in making border areas safe, the statement said.

He said people, infrastructures and technologies need to be combined more effectively to improve the quality of border control so an "iron wall of defense" can be created.

People should fully recognize the nation"s complex and grim security situation so they can better realize the urgency, responsibility and the sense of mission in border defense works, Chang said. Xinjiang has a 5,700-kilometer border with countries including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The penetration of religious extremism has led to a number of terrorist attacks in the region in recent years. The region will further rely on technology to enhance front-line border control and improve infrastructure in border areas, such as improving road conditions, chairman of the region Shokrat Zakir said last week.